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Garment Steamer Manufacturers
Garment Steamer Manufacturers
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The display panel has slim bezels except for the thick bottom bezel which houses the microphone array along with the ‘ROG Zephyrus’ branding Everything comes with a custom design, from the keyboard to the power button.The performance is also carried over to the non-gaming aspects of the laptop.6-inch gaming laptop packs everything it has in a very compact setup with sleek yet sharp edges and rounded-off corners.The design language of the machine carries a simple geometric pattern throughout the laptop, both inside and outside. These include the volume toggles, a dedicated Armoury Crate button and a microphone toggle button. Note that despite not being a compact notebook the Zephyrus G doesn’t have an optical disc drive. The layout is also different from a standard keyboard that you are probably used to if you’re using a gaming laptop for the first time. Instead, you can click on the lower half of the touchpad on the left or right side to emulate the corresponding click. This allows you to have an eye on them during gaming sessions without having to lean on the side. It can even get decently bright when you need it to, and the higher refresh rate means you see everything butter-smooth and don’t miss out on frames during gaming. Even the animations of tiny tasks like opening and closing of dialogue boxes and windows have a swift feel to them.Apart from the small arrow keys, we didn’t think Asus took a single wrong step with the ROG Zephyrus G.The laptop features the charging slot, a LAN port, an HDMI port, A USB 3. There is 512GB of SSD storage too.

This can be quickly and easily changed by hitting Fn+ either the Up or Down Arrow keys. Do note that ‘Performance’ and ‘Turbo’ modes will be automatically disabled if you are not plugged in. We review the Asus ROG Zephyrus G (Model GA502D) today and while this mean machine already looks promising on paper, we will proceed to take it for a spin regardless. So you can set the Laptop to run on ‘Turbo’ mode for something like Grand Theft Auto V, and ‘Performance’ mode for games with slightly lower requirements like FIFA 18.The laptop’s performance abilities are pretty clearly depicted in the benchmark scores as well. But what if ROG was to incorporate their portable design engineering from the ultra-compact Zenbook series into a powerful ROG machine? Wouldn’t that just be great for the gamer on the move?Enter the Asus ROG Zephyrus series—The perfect blend of both worlds where neat gaming specs meet a slim design and portability, elements usually not found gaming devices.The Armoury Crate will also always show you useful information like the system’s temperature and the CPU and GPU fan RPMs. However, it is only a standard white light and not the RGB lighting you see on pricier offerings. Hardcore gaming can be confidently executed on the keyboard which can likely take more beating when you mash on the buttons than your PUBG squad that just died.  The ‘W’ key has a small protruded dot on top of it to help you easily locate it averting your eyes from the screen. When everything is not maxed out and you aren’t trying to kill the battery deliberately, the company claims that the machine can last for 7 hours. A small rectangular perimeter runs around the entire screen that protrudes very slightly. The display features vibrant colours and great viewing angles. Also, check out the difference Freezer Cold-resistant Sealing Strip Factory in benchmarks when the laptop is in the Performance Mode vs in the amazingly fast Turbo Mode.VerdictThe ROG Zephyrus G is a great device that targets a segment not crowded with a lot of options. These add up to give the laptop a lot of power for some hardcore gaming.5mm headphone jack on the left. In fact, the machine looks like any other 15. This is true for almost all gaming machines.Rating: The dedicated Asus ROG gaming line up is known for its value-for-money offerings in price-sensitive markets like India.

The machine weighs about 2. Even the spacebar has a unique shape that makes it thicker and easily accessible without looking.6-inch laptop from afar. We expected nothing short of this on a gaming machine and this one didn’t fail to deliver..The bezels on the top and sides are very thin at just 6. The laptop’s dimensions aren’t too big on any end either. This ensures that when you fold your laptop, the screen doesn’t touch the keyboard, leaving dirt marks on the display when you open them next. The graphics are taken care of by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU which give the machine 6GB GDDR6 RAM.1 slot, a USB-C slot and a 3. Its gaming towers are very powerful, and so are the laptops. (Top-right picture)The Zephyrus G also has solid build quality. A fan outlet shaped like a horizontal lightning bolt above the keyboard completes the design. The fact that it packs gaming specs and cooling under the misleading hood, is just icing on the cake, and perhaps the Zephyrus G’s greatest feature.Performance, FeaturesThe Asus ROG Zephyrus G is powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 that clocks at 3750Hz and has 16GB DDR4 RAM.Keyboard, TouchpadThe Asus Zephyrus G features a unique styling to the keyboard. There are no Numpad keys and the Home, Page Up, Page Down, End and an extra Fn key are placed in a separate vertical row on the right. The status-indicating LEDs go way up above the keyboard instead of being on the edges. Everything is super smooth with no lags or frame drops.The Asus ROG Zephyrus G looks great but the outer shell can be a big-time smudge-magnet. Here are our thoughts:Design, BuildPerhaps the most immediately striking element of the ROG Zephyrus G is the design and the size of the laptop.Asus ROG’s signature Armoury Crate feature offers quick access to settings that will determine how your machine performs in various scenarios.The keyboard has surprisingly small Arrow keys, which made no sense, as just like the ‘WASD’ layout, the arrow keys are pretty standard layout buttons for movement in most games, and hence very important. The ROG Zephyrus tears through graphic intensive titles like FIFA 18 with ease, even at maxed-out settings.The touchpad features a minimal design with no separate buttons for the left and right click buttons. The laptop is a no-nonsense gaming machine that can take on even heavy challenges easily. The right edge features two more regular USB slots next to the heat sink. Booting and loading times for all programmes are very small.The keyboard also comes with three levels of backlighting. But the Asus ROG series of machines all have one element in common — a bulky form factor that incorporates the powerful motherboard, bigger batteries and cooling systems. However, the more intensively you game at a stretch, the faster you lose battery. Anti-Glare tech on the screen ensures you don’t seriously damage your eyes when they are glued to the screen in intense gaming scenarios.

A dedicated button on the keyboard makes the settings here easy to change even on the fly. Though the interface might seem a bit overwhelming and takes some getting used to, it does prove convenient.1 Kgs and for a gaming laptop, that’s actually significantly light. This helps give the screen an 81 per cent screen-to-body ratio and makes the experience more immersive.Keys that you probably will need more often during gaming sessions now have dedicated buttons instead of sharing space with one of the Fn buttons. The Print Screen button makes its way between the right Alt and Ctrl keys. So a full charge will let you play FIFA 18 at maxed-out settings (including Turbo mode turned on) non-stop for about two hours.The Asus ROG Zephyrus G maintains its design language even across the smallest elements of the keyboard.ROG Zephyrus G Cinebench ScoreROG Zephyrus G PC Mark Score (Performance Mode)ROG Zephyrus G PC Mark Score (Turbo Mode)Battery LifeThough not a factor that will often concern you as a gamer, the battery life of the ROG Zephyrus is pretty good. Selling at Rs 82,990, the laptop is a must-have if you’re a gamer who wants sleek looks and the ever-important touch of portability on your machine. The design is a refreshing shift from the big bulky bodies we are used to seeing on gaming machines.The Arrow Keys on the Asus ROG Zephyrus G are a little disappointing, but with a gaming controller, the machine is a beast.DisplayThe 15. The Function keys are separated into groups of four and feature shared controls for quick access to media controls, fan speed, brightness, Airplane mode and more. This 15. Armoury Crate lets you specify various performance modes and other settings manually, but it also lets you set automated profiles to be activated when certain programs are run. There are no cheap-looking parts and all buttons are solid where they are. The backlight here is very useful in dark environments. The brand has dished out a lot of gaming machines across several price segments. Their small size makes them a little difficult to use if you have big hands, which is frustrating because you will end up stroking the wrong key now and then.6-inch ROG Zephyrus display features a 1920x1080 panel with 120Hz refresh rate.

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Election workers hand-tally these individual machine totals to obtain the election results for each constituency. Parties that lose elections often suspect malfeasance and question the equipment.Auditing the machines’ resultsThere is, however, a mechanism for detecting attacks – that printed-out paper bearing the vote and stored securely with the electronic equipment. (Photo:AP)Security protections – and concernsThe Indian electronic voting machine primarily runs on specialized hardware and firmware, unlike the voting machines used in the U. In particular, the simplicity of the design allows for simple attacks, such as intercepting and modifying the signal carried over the machine’s cable.) Opposition parties have asked the Supreme Court to order audits of half of all electronic voting machines, but that may not happen with this year’s election. The Election Commission should certainly continue to improve testing and provide public reports of independent testing.I have been working on the security of electronic voting systems for more than 15 years, and, along with other colleagues, have been interested in understanding how a nation can tally that many votes cast over such a long period. Indians were voting Monday in the fourth phase of a staggered national election.The Election Commission has not made public any independent security evaluations, so it’s unclear exactly what is – or isn’t – possible.The Election Commission of India argues that any manipulation or error would be detected because the electronic voting machine is tested frequently and candidate representatives have opportunities to participate in mock elections immediately before a machine is used in a real election.S., which are software-intensive.

An Indian election official displays a sample paper record of an electronic ballot during a demonstration of how the equipment works.The balloting unit has a very simple user interface: a series of buttons with candidate names and symbols. (Photo:AP)As I and others have observed, when the machines are being made, there are a number of opportunities for someone to physically tamper with an electronic voting machine in ways that preelection device testing might not detect. However, a scholarly study has demonstrated there are ways to rig the machines.Indian men stand in queue to cast their votes at a polling booth in Bardhaman east constituency, West Bengal state, India, Monday, April 29, 2019.While the electronic voting machine system is useful and functional, officials and observers shouldn’t assume there’s no way to tamper with the results. There are roughly 900 million eligible voters, and the country has typically seen about two-thirds of them turn out to polling places. A 2013 Supreme Court directive asked the Election Commission to create that process to protect the integrity of the balloting process. Now they’re used in elections throughout the country, which happen on different days in different areas. When it’s her turn to vote, a polling official uses an electronic voting machine’s control unit to unlock its balloting unit, ready to accept her vote. (This means about 1 per cent or 2 per cent of each constituency’s machines will be tested. The Election Commission of India has repeatedly claimed that the electronic voting machines are tamper-proof.This design does offer some protections against possible tampering with how votes are recorded and tallied.Different areas of India vote on seven different days, over the course of a 39-day election period.An elderly Indian citizen is assisted by a polling staff as she prepares to leave after voting at a polling center during the fourth phase of general elections in Mumbai, India, Monday, April 29, 2019.At any time during manufacture, testing and maintenance, it may be possible to introduce counterfeit chips or swap out other components that could let hackers alter the results.In each constituency, five electronic voting machines will have their results audited by comparing a manual count of the printouts with the electronic tallies. It is intended for the single purpose of voting and specially designed for that, rather than relying on a standard operating system like Windows, which needs to be regularly updated to patch detected security vulnerabilities. The voting over seven phases ends May 19, with counting scheduled for May 23. However, it is possible to make changes that will not be detected.After polling concludes, India’s electronic voting machines are sealed with Plastic Refrigerator Door Seal Manufacturers a very old-fashioned technology. With 900 million of Indias 1. (Photo:AP)How does it work?When a voter arrives at the polling place, she presents a photo ID and the poll officer checks that she is on the electoral roll.

The first version of the Indian electronic voting machine debuted in the state election in Kerala in 1982. However, because no technology can be tamper-proof, each election outcome should be verified by a manual audit, to ensure that the results are correct, whatever they may be. To vote, the voter simply presses the button next to the candidate of her choice. Testing can reveal only some problems, and the absence of problems during testing does not mean that problems do not exist. Then the paper is dropped into a locked storage box.New Delhi: About 600 million Indian citizens are expected to cast their votes over a period of 39 days ending May 19, in the ongoing election for their country’s parliament.After the election period is over and it’s time to tally the votes, the electronic voting machines are brought out, the seals opened and the vote counts for each control unit are read out from its display board. (This article featured in Global Perspective- The Conversation).Indian voters line up outside a polling booth in Mumbai, India, Monday, April 29, 2019.Each machine requires only a connection between a balloting unit and a control unit; there are no provisions to connect an electronic voting machine to a computer network, much less the internet – including wirelessly.

The whole system runs on a battery, so it does not need to be plugged in.3 billion people registered to vote, the Indian national election is the worlds largest democratic exercise. India uses a domestically designed and manufactured electronic voting machine – as many as 4 million of them at 1 million polling places, at least some in extremely remote locations. In earlier versions of the machine, the chip manufacturer also wrote the machine code into the chip; today the electronics companies do it themselves.After each button press, a printer prints out the voter’s choice on paper and displays it to the voter for a few seconds, so the person may verify that the vote was recorded correctly.When it’s time for the polling place to close at the end of the voting day, each electronic voting machine device and paper-record storage box is sealed with wax and tape bearing the signatures of representatives of the various candidates in that election, and stored under armed guard.A woman tests an electronic voting machine in India in advance of that country’s national elections. The chips for the machines are manufactured outside India. The machines’ software is designed, written and tested at two electronics companies owned by the government of India: Bharat Electronics Limited and Electronics Corporation of India Limited.

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